Sunday, June 23, 2013


During the 1920s Hawkes introduced a line of glass in honor of founder Thomas Hawkes' life in Waterford, Ireland. Most of the designs were available on several stem shapes and in each pattern there were often auxiliary pieces such as vases and cocktail shakers and pitchers.

Here are a few of the Vernay Waterford pieces showing a variety of shapes and piece types and how the pattern changes to accommodate the piece.

                          Hawkes "Vernay" Goblet on their #6015 stem 7.75" c.1925

                    Hawkes "Vernay" Champagne/ Martini on their #7072 stem

          Hawkes "Vernay" cocktail pitcher with sterling mount and spade stirrer 8.5"

                  Hawkes "Vernay" Vase with old trefoil trademark, sterling mount 8.5"

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pairpoint Norfolk Design

Here are three piece types with the same engraved pattern. The goblets are a different stem shape from the champagnes, but the sweet pea vase goes with both.
Goblets are 8.25", champagnes are 4.875", vase is 8". Each piece is "best metal" glass, very heavy and rings like a bell.