Monday, April 8, 2013


While the Cathay pattern was extraordinary, dramatic and masterwork, the Lucerne stems are light-hearted, convivial and striking in their own simple way. The stem is molded to mimic art deco architecture. But the engraved bowls are all fire and champagne bubbles––evoking the great nightclubs, El Morocco, 21, The Rainbow Room, The Cotton Club––dancing and drinking till dawn.

Lucerne is very collectable and was produced in sufficient quantities that you can probably assemble a service today with some dedication. And they won't break the bank. In 1932 they didn't break the bank either, they retailed for $2.39, not the extravagant unrealized $100.00 per stem for the Cathays.

Still, Lucerne was not found just anywhere, it was and is still a luxury crystal. Given their shape and the changes we've made in our libation vessels, I use the water goblets as champagne flutes. The cocktail glasses, while I like to romanticize martinis with Nick and Nora Charles, are far too small for the mega martinis we enjoy today.

                                        Libbey Lucerne Water Goblet 7.375"

                                          Libbey Lucerne Cocktail Glass 5"

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