Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Fabulous Hawkes #6015 Stemware Pattern––Donisel I and II

                                 Hawkes #6015 Donisel I Iced Tea Glass c. 1925 6"

                              Hawkes #6015 Donisel II Water Goblet c. 1925 7.75"

                                   Hawkes #6015 Donisel II Champagne c.1925 6.5"

      Suite of Hawkes #6015 Donisel II c. 1925 Finger Bowl, Water Goblet, Champagne
                            Hawkes #6015 Donisel II Finger Bowl c. 1925 5.25"

A simple straight forward pattern, the Donisel and Donisel II differ by the mitered rings framing the strawberry diamond bands, which gives the pattern a more complete look. Steuben blanks. These are substantial pieces of glass with the goblets weighing in at over a pound each.

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