Saturday, April 13, 2013

HAWKES #6015 VS. TIFFIN #17431

One of the most confused pattern identifications is between Hawkes #6015 and Tiffin's #17431. Both have bucket-form bowls, both have square bases, both have a jewel knob in the stem.

But look carefully; Tiffin's stem is square, Hawkes' is hexagonal. Tiffin's jewel is just above the base, Hawkes' is mid-stem.

Hawkes never made a stem like Tiffin's, although the literature shows Tiffin, having acquired the molds and patterns of Hawkes after they closed, may have produced something like their 17431 and called it Hawkes.

                               Hawkes Vernay Goblet #6015 circa 1930 7.75"

                               Tiffin Pristine Goblet #17431 circ 1960  7.625"

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