Sunday, February 25, 2018

Eight remarkable Steuben stems made during the Frederick Carder era (1903-1932.) most probably in the late 1920s into the early '30s. All but one have large air-trap stem components

Pair of #8351 Amethyst cut-to-clear 9.875" water goblets. These sold for $2,200 a few years ago

Left; a 9.875" water goblet #8351 with copper wheel engraving; and right, an unknown stem shape, about 10' high

The first of three #6505 stems, this one is the "Crescent #2" 8.5" water goblet. Recent auction prices for #6505 stems have been around $300 to $400

This #6505 pattern isn't identified but in a similar color as the one above, also featured on this blog's header, 8.5" water goblet

And the "Harvard" pattern in green, 8.5" water goblet

Elegant #6596 water goblet with polished and unpolished engraving

Beautiful 10" #6567 water goblet with partial color cut-to-clear feature

Highly sought after pattern, "Poussin" with dramatic black mirror glass cut-to-clear Art Deco style 6.125" cocktail glass which sold in 2012 for $900

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